Blog: November 2020

  • Gold & Silver close over 50 Day EMA
    In our opinion this technical indicator crossing is very important. There is no doubt that we are in the early stages of a precious metals Bull market. Yes there will be further volatility as that is the nature of the beast. But if you focus on the long game by accumulating week by week or month by month "Easy Pay" you will be taking an important step towards protecting your wealth against a devaluing currency.
    "This blog should not be considered investment advise but merely our opinion. You should educate yourself and make your own final assumptions"
    Posted: Friday 6 November 2020
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
    The gold and silver market are in a state of consolidation based on fear of the US elections and deflationary forces in our opinion. The long term outlook for Gold & Silver has not changed and will preserve your wealth. My experience and success in wealth generation around precious metals has been to buy when everyone else is selling and scale out when everyone else is buying. It always fascinates me that people stop buying Precious metals when the price is consolidating or falling when that is the exact time to be accumulating slowly and continuously so if the price keeps falling every purchase is at a lower cost average which has served me very well over time.
    If you looking to buy a car or a dress do you wait for the price to go up before you jump in or do you wait for a sale or the price to fall ? Interesting how people treat investing differently but understandable as fear and greed are the most powerful forces in any market.
    Posted: Tuesday 3 November 2020