Why invest in Gold & Silver


From time to time I will link on this page video from respected economists and researchers that you may or may not find interesting. They all have a message and can hopefully give you a better insight into the bullion market and the economic forces at play in the world as a whole. This information should not be considered as investment advise. 

Do you understand the difference

Throughout history money was currency and vice versa. For various reasons over the years financial institutions and governments have strived to separate this connection in order to continue the debasement of currency by the reckless creation of more and more to run bigger and bigger deficit spending budgets year on year. 

If you are new to Gold & Silver investing please watch 
The Hidden secrets of Money series starting below and educate yourself as to why Gold/Silver and why now.

                          MIKE MALONEY

Mike maloney was my introduction to the world of true money many years ago. In order to truly understand why you want to invest in Gold & Silver I implore you to watch THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF MONEY series starting here at episode 1 and continuing to episode 10. 

This series will be most beneficial to investors looking to understand currency versus money, inflation, and the truth about how to protect your long term wealth. 

MIKE MALONEY of GoldSilver.com

Does Mike Maloney believe the silver price will hit triple digits? Find in out today’s special video that focuses solely on silver and the tremendous possibilities ahead. Thanks for watching.


This clip from Well respected Ed Steer needs no comment. Been in the precious metals market for a long time and there are definitely strange thing happening right now.